We crafted this sytem for education needs

We aim to provide accurate and up-to-date information on education system in realtime.

Our system is capable of collecting data on all forms of education, from schools to university levels. It helps the educational institutions to plan, manage and reform with unprecented level of detail.

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Saves Time & Money

With budgets tightening, the need to get the most out of your resources is even more important.

Managing daily activities

We understand that school staff have heavy workloads and are often time poor

Engage parents

Keeping parents informed is important and empowers parents to support their children’s learning.

Analytics and Insights

As a senior leader you need to be able to see a clear and complete picture of your school.

Effectively manage your classroom

With numerous tasks to juggle during a school day, teachers need the tools that give them the maximum time possible to focus on teaching. It provides a quick way to take the register, access up-to-date student information and records assessment and conduct easily. Having the right data to hand can make a significant impact in the classroom for teachers.

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Two way communication

Combining both SMS and email, you can send messages relating to the pupils behavious, unexplained absencesm special educational needs and more. This two way communication engages parents in their childs school life and helps to improve a school's safeguarding arrangements.

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Consolidated view of data

As a school group, you need a consolidated view of the data from across your schools so that you can identify trends and improve outcomes for learners. We offer intuitive ready-to-use dashboards combinings the key performance measures and additiona filters helping you make informed decisions.

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Inspiring the next generation

Our products are designed to help you continually raise standards. We’re constantly evolving our product suite to deliver enhanced solutions to help schools, colleges and these stakeholders





Whats special about this software?

As the education system forming the backbone of every nation, it is imperative to nurture young talents who in future will become global citizens and take their nation to new heights. We take this opportunity to build and enhance the efficiency of schools and college administrations raising the standards of schools worldwide.

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